Hye-Seong Tak Lee
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탁혜성 (Hye-Seong Tak Lee)

Born in Pusan 1968


MA Wayne State University, MI, USA
BA Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea
BFA Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea

1991-1992 Kumho Scholarship

1988-1990 Hongik Scholarship


2014 President's Art & Activism Award - by WCA
2013 Award for Rising Woman Cultural Figure - by Ministry of culture, sports & tourism, The women's news and Women & culture in network
2006 First Prize - "Through the eyes of the Artist" Exhibition
2005 First Prize - "Origins" Juried Exhibition
2000 Rehamann Robson & Company Special Merit Award
2000 3rd Prize - Ausable Valley Fine Arts Exhibition

Publications & Articles & Interview 

2014 An ethical level of 'Motherhood' to share with society, Through the eyes of the mother Exhibition Catalog article
2013 "Hye-Seong Tak Lee" - WCA October E-News 
2013 A suggestion on Women's cultural activities as for social value creation, Gwangju Gender Forum

2012 Examine the Women's Cultural Policy
,  Gwangju Women's Foundation workshop 
2012 Soulmate - A foreword for solo exhibition of Song Sooknam
2012 "Searching for a new exhibition- Woman + Body" - Blog of hub city of asian culture
2011 "Gwangju artists explore Diversity", Korea Herald
2000 The Call of Samuel, Published by Fountain Publishing, MI, USA
1999 Blizzard of Century, Literature of the Immigrant3
1994 Stylization of Essay, Published by Wooram Book Company
2007 Revival of care about human body in Modern art,
Canada Kyunghyang News Paper
2007 "A new perception of 'Body'",
Arirang TV
2002 Peer pressure - LA The Hankyoreh newspaper  
2002 The power of a lie - LA The Hankyoreh newspaper

2000 Saginaw Charter Township News- Art in public place
1998 Blizzard of Century - NY Joseon Daily newspaper
1991 Art & Reality, Hongik Art

1991 Craft as an Environmental Art - DSUS(Design Seminar Of University student)...etc

Solo Shows

3 times include an Award winner show and a Exhibition for celebrating the publishing

Selected Group Exhibitions


Hongik Alumni Exhibition - Enam Museum, Gwangju, Korea
Wish you were here-
A.I.R Gallery, NY, USA
Is it spring yet?- Fine Arts Building, Bryn Athyn, PA, USA
link? forget? - Woojaegil Art Museum,Gwangju, South Korea

soar - Enam Museum, Gwangju, South Korea
Rabbit meets Dragon - Woojaegil Art Museum,Gwangju, South Korea
NOMAS: Wandering in search of home, The Bunny Museum, Pasadena, CA, USA

Deviation from daily life - Gwangju Museum of Art Geumnamro Branch
To bloom a bloom of the Chrysanthemum- Hampyung Museum, Hampyung, Korea
Memorial Exhibition for former President Roh Moo-hyun - Luminarie gallery, Seoul, Korea
Without Boundary - Korean Cultural Foundation, LA, USA
Hongik Alumni Exhibition - Korea News Paper Dosan Art hall, Toronto, Canada
"A new perception of 'body'"-international show,Consulate General gallery, Toronto, Canada
Expressions of - Three person show- ZYPR Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Spring Show- Lenox Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Joint exhibition of Korean & Canadian Artists- Lenox gallery, Toronto, Canada
Spring Exhibition- Gallery 201, Toronto, Canada
Latino America 2006 International show, Toronto, Canada
Spring Exhibition - Consulate General gallery, Toronto, Canada
Origins- Etobicoke Civic art centre Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Origins- Neilson Park Creative Centre, Totonto, Canada
Through the eyes of the artist- Lake shore Art gallery, Toronto, Canada
Hongik Alumni Exhibition – Radio Korea Dosan Hall, LA, USA
Exhibition for celebrating a hundred years of immigration to USA -Korea Cultural Foundation, LA, USA
The Pleasure Principle- Buckham gallery, MI, USA
Ausable Valley Fine art Exhibition, Kirtland college, MI, USA
Woman in Arts -Smith Theater Gallery, MI, USA
Art in Public Place - Saginaw Charter Township Hall, MI, USA
State of the Arts - Saginaw Township Gallery, MI, USA...etc
"The Call of Samuel", BrynAthyn College, PA, USA....etc

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