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Kim Eun Ju

Solo Exhibitions
2011 Simyo Gallery, Seoul
2010 Shinhwa Gallery, Hong Kong
2008 Kimsartfield, Busan  Culture space bium, Busan
2007 France Culture Center, Busan Velvet Gallery, Seoul
2006 Munhwa Ilbo Gallery, Seoul
2005 Pundonamu Gallery, Seoul Songeun Gallery, Seoul
2004 Insa Art Center, Seou
2002 Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul Munhwa Ilbo Gallery, Seoul, Duckwon Gallery, Seoul
2001 City Hall, Busan Morhri Gallery, Japen
1999 Jeon Kyung Suk Gallery, Busan
1997 Jeon Kyung Suk Gallery, Busan
1995 Space Worid Gallery, Busan
1990 KBS Gallery, Busan

Group Exhibitions
Rabbit, Run Exhibition (Lotte AvenuelGallery,Seoul )
SOAF (CSP111ArtSpace, Coex,Seoul )
Visible Invisible (ROYAL Gallery, Seoul )
Local to Local Busan in Taipei (Taipei Contemporary Art Center T, Taipei )
Power in the Softness (Sky Moca museum, Beijing)
Form&Formless Exhibition (Galleryform, Busan)
'Triangle'Exhibition (MacGallery, Busan)
Sun-Set-Rise!Exhibition (CSP111ArtSpace,Seoul )
‘Long Live Drawing! 2’Exhibition (Daejeonartcenter, Daejeon)
Korea International Art Fair KIAF 2010 (Simyo Gallery, Coex,Seoul )
Singapore Art Fair (Simyo Gallery, Singapore)
Busan Biennale - Living in Evolution Exhibition (Busan Museum of Art)
Still Life Exhibition (ShinsegqeGallery, Seoul )
Jungle Exhibition (Posco Art Museum, Seoul )
A Journey Into Nature Exhibition (Shinhwa Gallery, Hong Kong)
The Head ( Kimsartfield Museum, Busan )
Korea International Art Fair KIAF 2009 (Simyo Gallery, Coex,Seoul )
Singapore Art Fair (Simyo Gallery, Singapore)
KOREA TOMORROW 2009 'Bridge the World' (SETEC - 2, Seoul )
Drawing Woman Exhibition ( Johyun Gallery , Busan, Seoul )
Korea Galleries Art Fair (Johyun Gallery, Busan Bexco)
A flirtatious forty Exhibition (Open space bae, Busan)
Bandee rescue Exhibition (Spacebandee, Busan)
Art Paris (Johyun Gallery, France Paris ) Yeongsangang Exhibition (ShinsegqeGallery, Gwangju)
Many colors and sensibility Exhibition (Zandari Gallery, Seoul )
Singapore Art Fair (Simyo Gallery, Singapore)
The Room 2007 ( Velvet Gallery , Seoul )
Korea Artist Festival (Knapp Gallery, London, England)
The Closest Friends Arts Exhibition (Geoje Art Center, Geojedo )
Many Colors and Much Emotion Exhibition (Zandari Gallery, Seoul )
Pleasant Imagination, Happy Factory Exhibition (Sori Arts Center of Korea, Jeonju)
Korea-Germany Women Writers Exhibition –Siegen –Seoul –Siegen –Seoul Exhibition (Siegerland Museum, Siegen, Germany )
Flower Flows Flowery Exhibition ( Artinus Gallery, Seoul )
Water Exhibition - Seeing Water Feeling Water Crossing Water
(Seoul City Museum)
Invigorating Name, Mother Exhibition ( Munhwa Ilbo Gallery, Seoul )
Stick & Mallet, The Exhibition of 13 Women Artists Selected by Suwon Art Gallery
Korea-Germany Women Writers Exhibition - Twelve seasons of woman Exhibition
( Munhwa Ilbo Gallery, Seoul )
he eyes of one thousand/ The ways of one thousand (Duckwon Gallery, Seoul)
Our faces which drawing with heart (Jebiwool Museum, Gwachun)
A facial Expression of form Art in Busan (Kwang Ju city Museum)
The exchange Exhibition P.C.A.G-T.A.G (Dae Gu cultural center)
Modern Artists in Busan Exhibition - 9 o'clock New (Lotte gallery, Kwang Ju)
A moving Exhibition of Korean modern Artists (Dae Jeon city Museum) ...ETC

Award & Residency
The firist prize for Artist of today - A prize for youth Artist (Busan fine Arts Association)

Busan Museum of Art,
Ananticlub Seoul,
Seoul Square,
Natilonal Museum of Contemporary Art - Art Bank, Korea